D&G Greens In Lockdown

Scottish Greens

Like many organisations, the Dumfries and Galloway branch of the Scottish Green Party has taken to the internet during life under lockdown. Branch meetings are being held using Gotomeeting, a remote meeting platform similar to Zoom. This enables our widely spread members to take part in meetings from their own homes. Having got used to this process, this format will remain an option in future meetings, reducing travel miles, saving time and giving more members the chance to participate. 

Scottish Greens recently held a successful Policy Weekend online using hopin.to, with speakers sharing a virtual ‘stage’ and smaller groups discussing policy areas and reporting back to policy makers, all from participants’ homes. The occasional glitches were largely overcome by a hardworking backroom team. 

The increased use of the internet and broadband connections for remote meetings highlights the need for reliable and effective digital infrastructure – something that occasionally fails during online events – as well as participants’ technical ability and access to the necessary equipment. 

Liz Ashburn (Co-Covenor, D&G Greens)
web: greens.scot 

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