The Green Handbook was a free quarterly small format magazine and was distributed across Dumfries & Galloway until Spring 2020. You can also read some copies online. We are currently online only.

Green Handbook Summer 2020
Green Handbook Summer 2020

Funded entirely by our advertisers, we focus on holistic and ethical issues featuring:


We write about local issues and publish articles submitted by readers and advertisers.


Whole foods, complementary therapies, groups, arts, events, health, tai chi & yoga, green businesses.


For all kinds of services and therapies

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The Green Handbook was first published in 1994 as a way to promote alternative and complementary therapies, organic food and natural products. It is available to pick up and read across Dumfries and Galloway in many outlets and is a positive resource for the local community with an estimated readership of 10,000.

2019 marked 25 years and the 100th issue. It continues to grow and change.

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