Motherly Love

While this pandemic has closed us behind doors it was not the time to cut off the love supply, especially for parents. Parents who have newborns, growing babies and toddlers. They needed that consistency in support and love. 

Although I could no longer run my in-person classes it was imperative to adapt. In our support group I had a photo shared of a Mum who was going to fill in her IVF diary, this prompted an idea called ‘Spotlight On…’ where Mothers could share their stories of conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. It was an overwhelming response with such love, non-judgement and support every time a story was shared. This led to me having the idea that we could publish a book. Therefore, Motherly Love in a Pandemic was born. It is a collaboration of thirty amazing stories, including my own, about struggles to conceive, labour stories, IVF journeys, parental mental health and much more. The book is now on Amazon and we are all so excited that, as a community, we created such an amazing memory to treasure forever.

In partnership with the Lifelong Learning team, Dumfries and Galloway we have created free videos for families throughout the region. I have worked very hard to create a ‘Baby Massage at Home’ course which gives parents four sessions of Baby Massage, with extra bonus videos and downloads. There is also ‘Baby Yoga at Home’ running weekly in a private Facebook group with a weekly live session, meditations, podcasts and downloads. 

I have also become a ‘Tummy Time’ practitioner, learning about all the benefits of important developmental play for babies from birth such as interactive play, building up physical strength, getting ready to sit up and crawl, plus many, many more. An online guide to ‘Tummy Time’ for parents is now available. 

My Mothers and Babies are so important to me and keeping the love supply going will keep them going through the tough days and remind them that being a parent is hard enough, but being a parent in 2020 is even harder and my support and love will always be ongoing no matter what the situation is. To Flourish from Birth & Beyond.

by Rachel Kirkpatrick 

Motherly Love
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