NO HANDS ‘The New Massage’

Studies have shown that 60-70% of massage therapists are carrying work-related injuries. Sadly, the profession has already lost many passionate and clinically experienced therapists who have abandoned their practices to avoid permanent disability. NO HANDS® massage has been developed in response to this as a zero-strain approach.
With NO HANDS, the massage therapist uses the soft, fleshy part of the forearm rather than the hands. It is underpinned by a philosophy that the best bodywork is delivered without pain to either practitioner or client.
The founder, Gerry Pyves, a massage therapist, qualified psychotherapist and educator, has integrated core psychological communication into NO HANDS. Through a consultation at the beginning of each session the therapist helps the client to clarify the aims of the session, and the depth and speed of massage that will suit them best on that day.
Afterwards, clients are given space to assimilate the treatment and have reported a range of positive physical, emotional, energetic, psychological and spiritual outcomes.

by Tigger MacGregor

See or contact:
Tara Buckel, Annan: 01461 202029/07527 878657
Tigger MacGregor, Kirkcudbright: 07367 064945
Karen Shaw, Newton Stewart: 07919 093571

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