Toe Reading

by Patricia Lavelle

Toe-Reading is a tool for analysing character and behaviour. It can be applied in understanding children, in counselling, in choosing the profession that is right for you, in understanding relationships, in increasing self-knowledge, and in improving a therapy experience.

About 30 years ago, Reading Toes was developed through the curiosity of a Dutch couple, Margriet and Imre Somogyi. Understanding the feet provides fascinating and beneficial insights into the workings of the sub-conscious mind, through the study of the ever-changing characteristics of the feet.

  • Toes reflect Thoughts.
  • Toe necks reflect Expression.
  • Balls of the Feet reflect Feelings and e-motions.
  • Upper Insteps  reflect Doing: actions and reactions.
  • Lower Insteps reflect Communications and relationships.
  • Heels reflect Mobility, security, society.
  • Example: Little Toes represent perceptions within the family and society which influences the degree of mobility and security. element Earth; colour red; related parts little finger, little toe; reflexes skeletal, muscular and reproductive systems.

Benefits of Knowing what’s A-FOOT

Understanding the thoughts and emotions that influence the ease or dis-ease of the body, mind and soul, as revealed through the condition of the soles, allows personal attributes and talents to be recognized and acknowledged. Then a meaningful direction can be gained, with many exciting opportunities to be enjoyed en route. Individuals can then become outstanding achievers, in all walks of life, and make a valuable contribution to social and universal wellbeing. Once personal needs are clearly understood, it is easier to maintain on-going good health.

  • When you look at your feet, what comes to mind?
  • What do you LIKE about your feet?
  • Anything you LOVE about your feet? How best can you serve and care for your feet?
  • Big Toes reflect Spleen/Liver; 2nd Toes Stomach; 3rd Toes Bladder; 4th Toes Gall Bladder; 5th Toes Kidney

Building a Better World

They said to build a better world; I said I would, but how?
The world is a cold, depressing place and so complicated now,
And I’m so small and helpless too, there’s really nothing I can do,
They said, “Oh yes, indeed there is, just build a better you.”

References: Chris Stormer Language of the Feet; Imre Somogyi Reading Toes.

Patricia Lavelle can be contacted via or on 07789 246833.