What is Trance Healing?

by Carolyn Hornblow

Trance Healing is when the practitioner sits in a chair and goes into a ‘quiet’ state, similar to a meditation state and sits in that state for as long as the healing is taking place. The hands are placed near or on the client, with their permission.

The placement of the hands will vary depending on the client’s needs. The therapy is similar to Reiki but there is no ‘set’ pattern. The client is fully dressed and can either be lying on a comfortable therapy couch, or in a chair.

The general feeling is one of deep relaxation and calmness. Other responses have been noted. In Therapeutic Touch, used by nurses in USA, research benefits have been documented of better sleep patterns, less pain perception, improved appetite, lower blood pressure and heart rate

The practitioner, in this ‘quiet state’, sits and allows the Universal Life Energies to transfer through him or her and flow around the client, travelling to where it knows it is needed. The client may notice nothing or can feel heat, tingling or coolness in various parts of their body. Often they fall into a light ‘sleepy’ state themselves as it is very relaxing.

Once the healing is complete, the therapist removes their hands from the client and the client gradually returns to a normal fully awake state in a few minutes.

A driver is recommended to come with the client because of the relaxed state of the client afterwards.

This therapy is suitable for all ages and all conditions. Any child under the age of 16 must have a responsible adult accompany them and stay in the room for the treatment. They actually also receive a treatment simply by being in the room.

I am a Registered Nurse and have used this type of healing for many years.
I am trained in Therapeutic Touch (USA). I am also trained in Reiki. I feel that Energy knows where it needs to go so there is no need for a set ‘pattern’ to be done.
By sitting quietly, I stay ‘out of the way’ of the healing forces and allow a deeper healing to occur.

There is no recommended number of sessions. It is totally up to the client to choose what feels appropriate for them. I also include advice on use of colours for healing if the client wishes.

Carolyn Hornblow is an R.N. BTA Registered Nurse and Bowen Therapy Therapist
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