Tap Into Your Resources with EFT 

by Marion Gardner

Overcoming a habit, losing weight, improving your performance in sport or at work, starting a new job – all need skills and resources: perhaps knowledge and new techniques or perhaps emotional strategies to overcome barriers that limit your progress.

Freeing emotional blocks is important because they can distort the outcome of your plans and actions. You may be aware of their presence because you experience undue physical discomfort when you try to do something – for example, feeling sick before giving a presentation, feeling tired and exhausted before you’ve even started something or feeling jittery before travelling. You may also observe an intensity of emotion that’s ‘not really me’, feeling more irritated, frustrated, frightened, or unable to concentrate.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has evolved from meridian therapy and psychotherapy to provide a revolutionary solution to many of these issues. By placing your awareness on an issue and gently tapping on specific body points, you can reduce the intensity of discomfort rapidly and replace the detrimental feelings with supportive emotions and behaviour patterns.

Once you have learnt the simple tapping routine, it can be applied to many situations. As you work with EFT you may become aware of aspects relating to the situation and as these are released, you will able to welcome changes into your life.

Applying EFT to losing weight involves considering how you feel about your present weight, how you felt in the past if you tried to lose weight, and how you feel about food as well as any past issues relating to your present situation. You can use EFT to calm past negative emotions and to discover resources that may help you feel more comfortable as you adopt a healthy eating and exercise plan to suit your lifestyle.

There are many aspects of habits and cravings that have emotional roots. With smoking, for example, while you may want to quit for health (or financial) reasons there can sometimes be something reassuring about knowing you are going to have a break, knowing you are going to take that long deep breath and feel calm afterwards. This causes a subconscious reluctance to stop entirely. By creatively introducing yourself to EFT you will find ways to overcome worries and the ‘what if?’ scenarios that limit your success.

The applications of EFT are far reaching and since introducing it into my Wellbing practice I have helped people address these and other issues.