Quantum Touch Healing 

by Jan Collinson

Quantum Touch found me in 2004—just as I’d finished a 3-year BWY teacher-training course. To be perfectly honest, more studying was the last thing on my mind; I had a lie-down in a cool darkened room planned for the whole summer! But the universe had other plans for me.

A friend and fellow Reiki healer invited me to join one of the very first Quantum Touch workshops in the UK and we spend two days having fun and healing with our eyes wide open in disbelief. We had remarkable results over the weekend: pain disappeared very quickly, long-standing backaches and old injuries were no longer troublesome and—wait for it—we even saw bones spontaneously realigning themselves with only a light touch. No, we didn’t believe it either, we checked and checked until we finally had to admit—this was happening.

Since then we’ve had dozens of skeletal realignments and we always hope that at least one person will come to the workshop with uneven hips!

So, what is Quantum Touch? It’s a hands-on energy healing technique that uses body awareness meditations, various breathing techniques and hand positions. Using only a light touch, you can learn profoundly to accelerate the body’s own healing response. It’s very simple to learn and after two days of training, nearly everyone can learn to do extraordinary healing work.

Therapists throughout Europe, Canada and America, who use Quantum Touch along with their other therapies, report a significant increase in their healing energy and its effectiveness. Quantum Touch is also a wonderful stand-alone therapy for people with no previous training.

Many of my own students report remarkable healing stories and how this feels like the next step in the healing energies. Some of them have developed a much deeper awareness and understanding, either with their own spiritual path or with seeing and sensing energies in a completely different way.

Being able to help people with healing is immensely rewarding and a great pleasure; and being able to share the joy and harmony that is Quantum Touch, along with Yoga and Reiki, in Scotland and North England, is an enormous privilege for which I am truly thankful and totally joyous.