‘Ooh, My Sore Back!’ – Bowen Technique Therapy 

by Carolyn Hornblow
A sore back is uncomfortable at the very least and crippling at the worst. It also costs industry millions of pounds a year through sick days.There are many reasons why people experience back problems and often the underlying cause can be traced to a pelvic/hip imbalance. Have you every wondered why, when you get wear and tear in a hip or knee, it is often in one joint only and not both? Could it be that your weight has been bearing down on one hip – or knee – because your pelvis is out of alignment?

Ofen, if a pelvic imbalance is present, a gentle Bowen procedure can help it realign. Then the hips, knees, ankles, spine, neck, shoulders and elbows/wrists will tend to realign and self-correction occurs. usually reducing pain, muscle spasm and stiffness while increasing movement and flexibility.

One of my clients was a 70-year-old man who walked bent forward as if his necktie was pulling him towards the ground. He had hip pain. in one hip only, and pain in the inner thigh and down the outside of his calf into his foot, all in the one leg. He could not stand for long, raise his foot over his other leg or climb up and down stairs without pain. He was being considered for hip-replacement surgery. After just a few Bowen sessions, he walked straighter, with almost no pain in his hip, thigh, calf or foot, and climbed stairs easily. The potential hip surgery was deferred.

Another client, with 15 years of mid-back pain that had kept him wakeful and restless at night, slept better after his first Bowen session – for which his wife was truly grateful!

A 60-year-old woman with pain down one leg, which caused her to drag that leg slightly, felt a difference as soon as she was off the Bowen table; she walked out of the clinic with no limp.

The Bowen therapist will usually ask what activity brought on the pain, will observe how you walk, and will assess whether one leg appears even compared with the other and whether one foot wants to point east while the other points west (instead of both being parallel) when you walk or lie down, all of which can build up a picture of a pelvic imbalance. The basic treatment will focus on low back, mid back, upper back and neck areas with a possible extra move to help your pelvis – or other areas that can contribute to back pain, such as hamstrings, knees and tailbone.

Should these moves not bring relief, the Bowen therapist would look at your neck, shoulders and elbows; even a move at your wrist may help your sacral pain. A painful wrist, elbow or shoulder may be referred pain from a problem neck: and your neck stiffness may stem from a hard fall you had years ago. A pelvic/hip imbalance that you were born with but have managed to cope with all your life until now can show up as a stiff neck, tight or painful shoulders, aching elbows, or fingers that go numb and tingling, especially at night.

Bowen Technique is a gentle, fast, effective therapy for many conditions, requiring just a few sessions in most cases. It can be used on people of any age, from newborns with colic to 90-year-olds, for sports and work-related injuries, for arthritic and muscular conditions, and for some internal problems such as asthma and migraines.