Homeopathy and Hayfever 

by Rebecca Field
Hayfever can so easily spoil our enjoyment of being outside in the summer. Antihistamines seem to be the only option but with these come the side effects: drowsiness, difficulty in concentrating, and a dry mouth, nose and tongue.

Hayfever is not caused by pollen – if that were the case we would all suffer. Hayfever is caused by an individual’s inappropriate reaction to something totally natural. We all have within us the natural ability to resist and recover from illness; if human beings could not do this, we would have died out long ago. The symptoms of hayfever occur because the body mistakes pollen for something dangerous. It responds by trying to flush out this ‘dangerous intruder’; this is where we get the runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing. The body usually behaves in this way because the immune system has been weakened on some level and as a result responds to certain stimuli inappropriately.

Homeopathy is a safe and effective form of medicine that helps your system recognize when it has made a mistake and that pollen is no threat. A course of treatment from a qualified homeopath will aim to strengthen the system as a whole and reduce the allergic responses.

Homeopathy can work on its own or alongside conventional medicine. If you are on prescribed medication to manage your hayfever, homeopathy can complement this to strengthen your system with the aim to reduce your symptoms further.

In the short term, homeopathy can be used to manage the symptoms of hayfever on an acute level. Below is a list of remedies that can be bought over the counter at most health shops and descriptions of the symptoms they can be used to treat. Because we are all individuals, though, no single remedy works for everyone. To treat hayfever longterm you are recommended to consult a qualified homeopath.

Allium Cepa 30c
People who need this remedy have symptoms similar to those we may get when chopping an onion. There can be a runny nose with burning and soreness, very watery eyes and a lot of sneezing (the eyes don’t tend to feel irritated). The nose can become completely blocked although it may still run. Despite the hayfever, the individual often feels better in the open air, worse in a warm room.

Euphrasia 30c
This is from the herb more commonly known as ‘Eyebright’ and has a very good action on certain symptoms affecting the eyes. The eyes can be quite inflamed, red, very sore and itchy. Bright light causes discomfort leading to constant blinking. Eyes can be very crusty on waking, often stuck together. Intense sneezing and a watery, runny nose.

Arsenicum Album 30c
Those who need this remedy generally have a blocked nose with burning, watery discharge and frequent sneezing from a ‘tickling’ sensation. The eyes tend to be dry but irritated, puffy, burning and red.

Natrum Muriaticum 30c
Those who need this remedy have a salty taste in the mouth or a desire for salty foods. This can lead to feeling quite thirsty. There can be a discharge from the nose like eggwhite or a discharge that runs down the back of the throat. Lips can become dry and cracked, sometimes with cold sores. There may be a lot of sneezing. Eyes water, particularly when outside or in a cold wind.

Pulsatilla 30c
People who need Pulsatilla tend to prefer fresh air but their hayfever symptoms will be aggravated outdoors. In a warm stuffy room their hayfever may lead to a lot of sneezing. Runny nose in the fresh air, alternating with being blocked up, or thick green/yellow discharge when in a warm room. Watery eyes can be itchy and can lead to infection; these symptoms can be eased by cold applications. Symptoms tend to be aggravated from the person becoming overheated.

Sabadilla 30c
Those who need this remedy have debilitating sneezing with a runny nose, made worse by cold and eased by warmth and warm drinks. Itching and tingling in the nose. Burning and redness of the eyes with sneezing that causes tears. Symptoms worse outside but better in a warm room.

This list is by no means exhaustive and there are many more remedies that can be used to treat hayfever. I can provide an acute consultation service to tailor a prescription to each individual and can also provide all the remedies listed above. To treat the hayfever at the core, however, and help prevent it being a yearly curse, a course of constitutional homeopathic treatment is recommended.