Flower Essences: Meeting Your Essence Through Flowers

by Rachel Singleton

Flower Essences are a gentle, non-invasive healing therapy that acts as a subtle catalyst for change, often at the deepest levels. I first came across Flower Essences over a decade ago and was amazed by their exquisite touch; the sense of them lightly but deeply reaching within me to connect me with my centre, my insights, my clarity and healing.

Made from the blossoms of pure wild flowers growing in unspoilt places, they harness the healing energy of a plant at the culmination of its growth cycle. As we take the essences, this in turn resonates with us and we become more aware of our own ‘essence’, our own ability to flower and grow as unique human beings.

Not to be confused with the essential oils used in aromatherapy, flower essences are taken as drops internally, the most famous flower essence being Dr Bach’s ‘Rescue Remedy’. Dr Bach created the first essences in the 1920s in response to his own intuitive sense that he was not able truly to treat the cause of illness in a person through the medical procedures of his day. He wished to go behind and beyond the manifesting physical illness, which he believed was symptomatic of ‘disharmony between soul and mind’, and work with this causative disturbance. He experimented with several different healing modalities but it was to herbs and flowers that he kept returning. Over time he uncovered a way of working with their ‘life-force’ or ‘energy’ and harnessing this to create remedies which could soothe and nurture the spirit, touching a person gently and beautifully in ways which seemed naturally to uphold their own innate healing forces, and restore them to their sense of who and what they are. These were the first Flower Essences. There are now many different ranges of essences made from flowers, gems, healing environments and many other ‘subjects’, from all over the world.

What do essences do?
Essences work in several ways. Fundamentally they help foster an internal space of clarity, awareness and congruence between the various levels of one’s being. As healing tools they can offer profound support and insight emotionally, mentally and spiritually:

On the emotional level, they can help to bring clarity and support to emotions so that we do not feel overwhelmed, or in chaos within. While not suppressing emotions or eliminating them, they provide the internal space and support for us to experience them in a way that is more gentle and healing. They enable us to be centred inside; it then becomes possible for us to journey through our emotions with understanding and compassion, and with the potential to deepen our knowledge of our self and our emotional landscape as we do so.

On the level of our thoughts and beliefs, essences can help to make conscious the role our mind plays in our wellbeing and happiness. Each time we take them (as each time a person meditates), we are effectively drawing within us the energy of harmony, clarity and light, which pervades the natural object from which it is made. It resonates with our own true nature, with ourselves when we are centred, calm and at one within. We begin to recognize aspects of our thoughts and behaviour that are no longer congruent, becoming more open to those parts of our nature we may have found difficult or uncomfortable to accept. The essences provide us with both the insight and internal support to do this.

On the spiritual level, essences can support us in trusting and resting in our inner space – the vast expanse of pure being found at the centre of all living things. Here we connect with limitless strength, guidance and compassion. When we take them, their presence is a constant and gentle reminder to keep returning here, to our inner being; to regain trust in our connection between self and spirit; and to have confidence in our unfolding. Here is to be found the vast creative life we think exists ‘outside’ us – the peaks and troughs, the shadows and visions, the harshness and the beauty. As we explore and accept this within ourselves, our journey in the ‘outer’ world becomes more congruent, fluent and conscious.

Flower Essence consultations provide a focused and meditative space for you to connect and work with your inner voice and healing, using the insight and beauty of the Essences as catalysts to lighten the way.