Flower Essences for Stress and Trauma

by Rachel Singleton

Because Flower Essences help us to navigate through our emotions with greater clarity and insight, they are incredibly useful during times of stress and trauma. They help to balance mental, emotional and spiritual states and enable us to stay more deeply connected with our ‘centre’. They can also be a subtle catalyst, shifting our awareness to a new level.

We can safely and easily take flower essences ourselves or administer them to our loved ones – not to suppress or reduce our emotional response but as a means of finding our way through to an emotional expression that is more responsive and integrated, rather than reactive or destructive.

Dr Bach made the first Flower Essences in the late 1920s and his combination, Rescue Remedy is now well known around the world. The company Healing Herbs makes one of the most beautiful versions of this, following both the letter and the spirit of Dr Bach’s original instructions. Their remedy is called Five Flower Remedy. You can use this for yourself, your children, elderly relatives, etc, whenever you or they feel distressed or overwhelmed. It is the perfect thing to reach for when you are shocked, disorientated and unable to regain the clarity you need in order to deal with the situation effectively.

You can take it directly from the bottle, placing four drops on your tongue, or place some drops in a glass of water and sip them. You can also place some drops on your wrists and temples – and this can be a perfect way to help soothe a child in distress.

A specific essence combination to help children in trauma is the Indigo Essence called The Works. It really does the works! As a first measure in any situation where a child is experiencing mental anguish, distress, pain, grief and/or trauma, this essence is both cathartic and supportive. It will help the child to release emotion gently and safely rather than bottling it up inside, and help them to articulate in the way that is appropriate for them the pain they are feeling and the help they need.

For some children this combination can be instantly calming, for others it can take them more fully into their feelings so that they are able to understand and work through them. The producer of Indigo Essences, Ann Callaghan, speaks of the way that many children today are highly sensitive and attuned. They feel deeply both their own emotions and those of the people around them, which can lead them to experience dark and seemingly ‘adult’ emotional states as they struggle to cope. The Works was created specifically to help with this and to provide a means of clear, gentle, healing support .

Finally, the combination Light Support, from LightBringer Essences, works gently and deeply to touch, support and align us at a soul level. Where we are facing profound darkness or difficulty in our life, acute (a car crash, acute grief and loss, etc) or longer term (depression, suicidal tendencies, loss of direction and self worth), this essence offers a ‘light’ touch by gently bringing us back to our inner light and strength. It helps to remind us of our inner direction, our purpose and our connection with our deeper truth. It is an essence to re-align us with our spirituality so that we feel more deeply centred and able to respond with clarity and insight.

This is available as drops and also as a spray with organic essential oils. The spray can be used in your environment to help clear negative and dark energy. Therapists can use it in their practice rooms to create a clean, fresh, nurturing space,

People have been known to end up calling this essence ‘Life Support’!
By reaching for Flower Essences when we are in distress, we are choosing a natural, self-adjusting therapy to help us restore our balance and increase our insight and clarity. We’re not suppressing our emotions nor avoiding what is happening. Instead, we have the inner support to look at the situation realistically and find our most healing way through.