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3Rs Horse Rescue Centre by Su Palmer-Jones
 by Jim Chalmers
Acupuncture for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome by Jim Chalmers
Auriculotherapy – Ear Acupuncture? by Jim Chalmers
Bedwetting and Bowen Technique by Carolyn Hornblow
Botswana’s Free Homeopathy Clinic by Su Palmer-Jones
CAMLIS – a Library for CAM Professionals by Gerhard Bissels
Essential Oils Around the Home by Alison Tweedie
Essential Oils: Why Purity Matters by Alison Tweedie
Facial Revitalization Acupuncture by Lynda Sharp
Flexibility and Wellness: How Shiatsu Can Help by Marie Buttler
Flower Essences: Meeting Your Essence Through Flowers by Rachel Singleton
Flower Essences for Stress and Trauma by Rachel Singleton
Homeopathic Resolutions by Rebecca Field
Homeopathy and Hayfever by Rebecca Field
Homeopathy for Fertility, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Early Years by Janine Whitfield
NST: Neurostructural Integration Technique (Advanced Bowen) by Lynda Sharp
‘Ooh, My Sore Back!’ – Bowen Technique therapy by Carolyn Hornblow
Quantum Touch healing by Jan Collinson
Self-knowledge, Self-worth and Depression by Dr Helen Ford
Tap Into Your Resources with EFT by Marion Gardner
The Grieving Process and the Alexander Technique by Joan Diamond
The Orchards and Wild Harvest Project by Jools Cox
Toe Reading by Patricia Lavelle
What is Trance Healing? by Carolyn Hornblow
What Remedy Are You?— Homeopathic Remedies and Personality by Robert Davidson & Su Palmer-Jones

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