The Green Handbook is now printed in full colour!

New Sizes:

A full page advert is 120 x 180  boxed or 154 x 216 full bleed
(includes 3mm bleed on all edges, A5 148 x 210)
2/3 page advert is a square 120 x 120
1/2 page advert is 120 x 87 or 57 x 180
1/3 page advert is 120 by 57 or 57 x 117
1/4 page advert is 57m x 87 or 120 x 41
1/6 page advert is a small square 57 by 57
(measurements are width x height in mm)

You can send your ad in:

Please send your ads in pdf format by email or send us text and logo.
To deliver by hand please get in touch.

Prices per issue:

Full page £120
2/3 page £90
1/2 page £70
1/3 page £50
1/4 page £40
1/6 page £30

Typesetting/layout service: £7 – £15
Design service: Get in touch

All these include a free entry in the Green Handbook’s Directory or Diary. If you want just a Directory Entry (up to 6 lines of a 6cm-width column) or just a Diary Date (up to 4 lines across a 12cm-width page) the price is £7.


Check Submission Dates to make sure your advert reaches us in time for the next issue.