The Green Handbook aims to promote:

  • methods of healing which include both the physical body and the more subtle parts of an individual, his or her energy systems, feelings, mind and spirit;
  • methods of food production which refrain from poisoning the earth and allow farm animals to lead natural, contented lives;
  • cleansing products (personal and household) which do not poison the water.

The Green Handbook is free.

The Green Handbook magazine is A5-sized, printed in black and white, with a green cover. The number of pages varies with each issue – it can be anything from 24 to 36.
The cover picture changes with each issue.

The Green Handbook is a cottage industry; its office is the publisher’s sitting-room. The first issue was published in the summer of 1994.

Since the Green Handbook began, many new therapies have appeared on the scene. Alternative and complementary therapies have won increasing acceptance. There are many more practitioners than there were when the Green Handbook started. Similarly, more people are beginning to realize the benefits of organic food and natural products, both for their bodies and for the Earth. Organic food-shops, cafes and B&Bs have opened and existing establishments have added organic foods to their range. Individuals and small companies have started making organic soap, cosmetics and skincare products.

The Green Handbook has been a part of this shift in consciousness. It continues to grow and change.

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